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Project Report on Marketing in Samsung Electronics-Dissertation Topic

Marketing Dissertation Topic in Samsung India Electronics-Project Report Help

Company Analysis of Samsung

·         From being a virtually unknown entity in 1995, Samsung today enjoys an awareness of over 95% and a positive opinion of around 80% in the country today (source: BAS 2004).

·         Sports marketing and entertainment marketing have been the key elements of the company’s brand marketing strategy. Samsung has very successfully leveraged its association with cricket and cinema in the form of ‘Team Samsung’ and ‘Samsung IIFA Award’. Samsung India sponsored the high profile ‘Samsung Cup’ Indo-Pak Cricket Series in 2004. ‘Team Samsung’ - Samsung’s team of celebrity cricketers endorsing Samsung products - has been successfully used to create more awareness for Samsung products.

·         To further reinforce its lifestyle positioning, Samsung has been associated with the Lakme India Fashion Week (LIFW) for its mobile phones. The company used the LIFW-2005 as a platform to launch its D-500, “World’s Best Mobile Phone” in India. 

·         Customising the product range to specifically suit the needs of Indian customers has drive the company’s growth in India.
·         Samsung India has set up a widespread network of Samsung Digital Worlds, Digital Homes and Digital Plazas all over the country to display Samsung products in a more lifestyle ambience and to communicate the product benefits in a more interactive manner. 

·         The Samsung brand has a high penetration level with almost 8,500 retail points

·         The company has set up numerous manufacturing facilities all over the country to cope with production on a cost effective scale.

·         Samsung Electronics will focus on increasing brand recognition and value though its high-end product lines rather than attaching itself to simple, numerical sales volume in India. The company is restructuring its business segments in India to concentrate more on high value-added production.

Competitive Positioning

·         Samsung is a brand of growing significance with a presence in refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, and microwaves.

·         Aggressive marketing has helped maintain the popularity of the brand in India.

·         Continuous innovation helps drive the demand for the company’s products. A wide product range is one of the main reasons for Samsung’s success in India.

·         The ‘Biofresh’ concept in refrigerators has attracted customers who do not have time to shop everyday and like to stock up on perishables. Samsung’s refrigerators have therefore developed a major customer base among working women. 

·         The company has an extensive network of dealers and retail points.

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