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Management Information Systems in Bata India-MBA Project Report

Project Report on Management Information Systems in Bata India

Dissertation on Management Information Systems in Footwear Industry in India

Case Study on Bata India in Management Information Systems

Industry Overview

Footwear Industry

The Footwear Industry is a significant segment of the Leather Industry in India. India ranks second among the footwear producing countries next to China. The industry is labour intensive and is concentrated in the small and cottage industry sectors. While leather shoes and uppers are concentrated in large scale units, the sandals and chappals are produced in the household and cottage sector. India produces more of gents. Footwear while the world’s major production is in ladies footwear. In the case of chappals and sandals, use of non-leather material is prevalent in the domestic market. The major production centers India are Chennai, Ranipet, and Ambur in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai in Maharashtra, Kanpur, Jalandhar, Agra and Delhi.

According to industry reports, the Indian footwear industry was said to be worth $1.48 billion in 2008. The country produces over two billion pairs of different categories of footwear and nearly 95 percent of its production goes to meet its own domestic demand. The export is targeted to reach $3.43 billion in 2008-09, and is expected to reach $4.53 billion by 2010-11. India exports footwear to around 30 countries.

Retail Industry
Retail Sector is the most booming sector in the Indian economy. Some of the biggest players of the world are going to enter the industry soon. It is on the threshold of bringing the next big revolution after the IT sector. The sector contributes 10% of the GDP, and is estimated to show 20% annual growth rate by the end of the decade as against the current growth rate of 8.5%. Led by the rising purchasing power, changing consumption patterns, increased access to information and communication technology and improving infrastructure, the rural retail market is estimated to cross US$ 45.32 billion mark by 2010 and US$ 60.43 billion by 2015. As per the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) reports, there are 720 million consumers across 6, 27,000 villages in rural India. India's rural markets offer a sea of opportunity for the retail sector. The urban retail split in consumer spending stands at 9:11, with rural India accounting for 55 per cent of private retail consumption. Rural India accounted for almost half of the Indian retail market, which was worth about US$ 273.64 billion in September 2008. With most of the retail markets getting  saturated in tier- I and tier-II cities, the next phase of growth is likely to be seen in the rural markets.

Company Profile

• Bata India is the oldest organized retailer of the country.
• Bata industrials get Bureau of Indian standards certification for its safety shoes.
• A retail network of over 1200 stores gives us a reach unmatched by any other company. The Bata Shoe Store is amongst the most recognizable and favoured landmark in any major market in India
• The top and bottom line of the company is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.9 % and 14.5 % respectively over FY07 to FY10E.

Bata India plans 65-70 new stores every year

Footwear major Bata India Ltd eyes unveiling 65-70 new stores and renovating 30-35 existing stores annually in the country, company Chairman P M Sinha said here today.

Bata India Ltd. Announces Management Changes
Bata India Ltd. announced that V. Narayanan retired as a director of the company with effect from May 26, 2009 and he ceased to be a director from the conclusion of the 76th Annual General Meeting of the company which was held on that date, because he did not stand for his re-election. With the retirement of Narayana, he also ceased to be the chairman of the audit committee with effect from the same date. The board of directors on the recommendation of the audit committee have appointed Uday Khanna as the chairman of the audit committee with effect from May 26, 2009

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